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Investor Analyst Program

Sandles Capital Resources (SCR) has uniquely developed the Investor Analyst Program.

  • The Investor Analyst Program assists investors who wish to augment their deal flow with ventures appropriate for their criteria, while providing them with payment for their time, feedback and expertise in meeting with a selected entrepreneur.
  • The Investor Anaylst Program assists early stage entrepreneurs who are typically new to the capital raising process, and unsure how to enhance their deal so it is actually investor-oriented.

Only ventures that have passed the initial screening process with the Tri-State Private Investors Network are selected to meet an Investor Analyst as part of the Review Committee meeting. The actual Private Investor is appropriately matched by industry background and is paid for his time (by the entrepreneur) in helping the Tri-State PIN Review Committee conduct further due diligence, evaluate the company and provide realistic, investor-oriented feedback to the entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs who pass the screening with the Investor Analyst are expected to make the recommended enhancements, and are assisted with presenting to the entire Tri-State PIN membership as a potential investment opportunity. Investor Analysts have the option of continuing to work with the selected Entrepreneur, for the purpose of actual investment. (There is no obligation to do so.)

Time to Spare

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