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Company One: Internet/Telecommunications 10-10-2000 Metered Internet Access at 6-1/2 cents per minute. The Company provides Internet access to those individuals and businesses that have been paying both monthly Internet access fees and telephone toll charges while connected. Toll charges result from a lack of local dial-up access numbers available within a calling area. The Company’s customers pay 6-1/2 cents per minute as a combined toll charge and Internet access fee. There is no signup process, no login id, no password required, and no monthly access fees. Usage appears on customer’s local phone bill.

Company Two: Manufactured Goods The Company retains, develops, and markets the blind fastening technology known as the "Cantilever Fastener Assembly" (WingIt) - U. S. Patents # 5,944,466 and 6,007,285. International and supplementary U.S. patents pending. The first of 21 WingIt embodiments, the Grab Bar WingIt, began shipment Q2 of 1999. The WingIt blind fastening system is the only significant development in blind fastening technology in more than 40 years. Blind fastening is the ability to fasten into a wall or another object with access restricted to only one side of the wall.

Company Three: Internet The Company has created a new office procurement business model using a NASDAQ-like trading floor; it is an exchange-based e-procurement solution for small and mid-size businesses. The Company creates a dramatically more efficient marketplace for Information Technology (IT) and office products by using market principles identical to the stock market; creating a virtual trading floor where buyers and sellers engage in free market trade, with true dynamic pricing. Multiple sellers post sell orders on a given product (defined by the Company) at the price they desire. Buyers also post their buy orders at their desired price. Buy and sell orders are matched electronically, and buyer and seller data is exchanged automatically. Sellers pay a 1%-2% commission for completed sales.

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