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The Angel Venture Forum 1999

The Angel Venture Forum was held on March 16, 1999 at The Downtown Club in historic Philadelphia.

The event was initiated and coordinated by Sandles Capital Resources, who co-hosted the Forum in conjunction with The Pennsylvania Private Investors Group, The Private Investors Network of Washington, D.C., and Loosely Organized Retired Executives, another angel network in the region.

100 private investors came to view 10 pre-selected, early-stage companies, as well as listen to 2 angel speakers, and network amongst themselves. No attendance list was provided, and name badges were on a first-name basis to preserve investor privacy.

The Press covered this historic and successful event.

  • It was the first time different, regionally-located angel organizations collaborated to bring together nearby investors who formerly did not have an opportunity to network in a private setting.
  • It was the first time a Forum recruited speakers to specifically address the needs and issues important to private, angel investors.
  • It was the first time a Forum was established whereby private investors could view regional, pre-selected companies whose stage of development, and deal size, was sourced specifically for the angel community.

Numerous investor leads were generated for the presenting companies and investor feedback was extremely positive. Successful investment has already begun.

If you are a private, accredited investor and would like to be on the mailing list for future Angel Venture Forums, please let us know.

If you are a capital seeking entrepreneur, and would like to be considered as a presenter for future Angel Venture Forums, please let us know.

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